Benson Steel: Working together through COVID-19

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One of the most common issues that one can read on every social media outlet about the current pandemic has to do with the uncertainty of what can, could or should happen.

We are grateful that our government officials acted decisively and set protocols and established orders that have been effective in our fight against COVID-19.

At Benson Steel decisions had been made that created an effective set of safety protocols to protect all workers within the company at all times and that has therefore brought the sense of security to all employees and stakeholders.

When Benson Steel made the decisions of what actions were to be taken to deal with COVID-19 a strong support system for all the staff was created. We all have followed the directions, of our executive, we have been supportive of each other and remained flexible to the ever changing challenges.

We have created protocols within Benson to support our Governments guidelines; adapted and created new protocols to protect not only our stakeholders but also our community. 

As Brian Machado, Manager of the Estimating team put it: “At Benson Steel we consider ourselves fortunate to be working at full capacity during these unprecedented times. In the last few months we’ve seen the landscape of our own lives and the industry change, and for the safety of all people we’ve had to adapt on the fly”.

The result of all the measures has been that the shop has continued to work safely, bringing certainty and stability to the Benson Steel Family, our clients and stakeholders.