Community Involvement

Benson Steel is proud to be an active member in our communities, leading and championing the different causes we care deeply about.

Our continual commitment is rooted in our belief that performance matters, whether on the job site or on focusing our attention on important issues in our community. Locally, we strive to give back to those who live within our community of Caledon. Benson Steel has had the pleasure of sponsoring the Kids of Steel Triathlon indirectly and directly for 20 years, promoting healthy and active lifestyles for today’s youth. Benson Steel is also committed to our own community— the steel community in Canada. Ken Benson is a member of the CISC Board of Directors and Stephen Benson have served on the board from 2011-2013. As members, Ken and Stephen promote good design and safety, efficient economical and sustainable use of materials in the prominent steel industry. Benson Steel has also supported the engineering facilities at the University of Windsor, Queen’s University and The University of Toronto by generously donating student teaching aids through CISC, ensuring that future generations of engineers have a solid leader and reliable role model in the steel community. They are currently working with York University to install a new teaching aide in 2017.