Benson Steel is proud to be an active member in our community.

We believe in being a responsible member leading and championing the causes we care deeply about.
At Benson we also believe in the value of physical activity as a way to promote and develop healthy communities and preventing a wide range of social issues.
Over the years, we've supported a number of events, organizations and high-performance athletes through sponsorship and the promotion of healthy, active living.



Benson Steel is committed to operating its facilities and sites in a manner that meets or exceeds applicable environmental laws and is protective of the environment and public health.
We are aware of the richness and importance of our natural resources to the quality of human life and strive to continuously improve our procedures and management of our every day environmental responsibilities.
Everywhere we work must abide by the specific environmental policies and practices regarding our products, manufacturing, operations, purchase and disposition of assets and liabilities from past operations. We place emphasis on promptly addressing environmental concerns in relationships with our employees, our customers, our shareholders and the communities in which we operate.

Our commitment is rooted in our belief that performance matters, whether on the job site or on focusing our attention on important issues in our community.
We strive to give back to those who live within our community of Caledon. Benson Steel has sponsored the Kids of Steel Triathlon for 20 years, promoting healthy and active lifestyles for today’s youth. 
We are also committed to our own community — the steel community in Canada  Ken Benson is a member of the CISC Board of Directors and Stephen Benson have served on the board from 2011-2013. As members, Ken and Stephen promote good design and safety, efficient economical and sustainable use of materials in the prominent steel industry. Benson Steel has also supported the engineering facilities at the University of Windsor, Queen’s University and The University of Toronto by generously donating student teaching aids through CISC, ensuring that future generations of engineers have a solid leader and reliable role model in the steel community.