A moment in time

This past weekend (May 29th, 2022) Benson Steel and Royal Containers sponsored one of the main grassroots triathlon events in Ontario: The Caledon Kids of Steel triathlon.

In attendance was Canada's triathlon legend Simon Whitfield that over the years has become a personal friend of Steve Benson and Kim Nelson (owner of Royal Containers).

Together, Kim and Steve believe in the value of regular physical activity as a way to develop healthier communities, healthier homes and  to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Over the years, Benson Steel and Royal Containers have supported a number of organizations, events and individuals (high performance athletes) through sponsorships.

Simon is an Olympic athlete, yes, but today he is much more than that. Amongst many other things he is a father, a mentor and an entrepreneur that builds sport education platforms to drive positive change in communities.

Andrew York is another one of the athletes that  Kim and Steve have supported. Andrew is from Caledon also. Today he is an Ontario Police Officer working in the most remote parts of the province providing safety, security and community governance to Northern Ontario.

These two men are examples of how, the support we provided in a moment in time helped these individuals become exceptional Canadians that represented our country in the greatest sport scenarios around the globe.

But, beyond that, we believe the experiences we helped create have prepared them to become the integral, caring, supportive, kind of people that without hesitation give back to the communities they live in. Their history and efforts help ensure that people they meet are inspired to become the best version of themselves they can be.

We congratulate Simon and Andrew and are thankful for being a small part of their journey.


Kim and Steve.