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Benson Philosophy

Teamwork is everything. From client relationships to employees, to subtrades and suppliers, we should all win together by creating safe, stable and profitable environments.

Safety Commitment


At Benson Steel, safety is always our first priority. To ensure the highest level of safety at our manufacturing facility as well as on our job sites, Benson Steel has, through the development of an extensive Health, Safety, and Environment Program, committed to achieving the goal of zero injuries in the workplace. Every member of the Benson Steel team is collectively responsible for the safety of each and every person who works with us. We believe in promoting a strong safety culture that supports health and safety at our manufacturing facility, as well as promotes strong health and safety practices on all of our job sites. Together, we can achieve our goal of zero!

Article written by Stephen Benson

About a month ago I was asked if I would write an article connecting Safety to the new approach The League of Champions is presenting to the construction work force and administration. Frankly, I have struggled with this request for the past month and write this while still not having a clear understanding of the outcome. I am a huge fan of Rob Ellis, his team and message at The League of Champions. However, I want to be clear I do not write on behalf to the League of Champions and the opinions herein are only those of my own. My conflict lays not in the fact that I believe we are all trying to create a safe work environment, but in the fact what is the true standard we are measuring our results to, as the only acceptable result or measurable should be ZERO accidents. But I suspect that is not the measurable many of us use.

We, in the manufacturing and construction world work in a complex and dangerous place. The bowels of construction have more potential threats than meets the eye. We seem to all want a safe and predicable work place but in reality we are only allowing or creating a safe work process for our trade, therefore the question I ask is, Is that enough? On a complex work site, what are the other trades, or situations and threats that present themselves everyday as we go about our trades work; how or are we cross trained to identify these challenges? We need to challenge ourselves to truly become keepers of one another. We need to put down the “he said, she said” arguments I have seen between trades and understand that any identification of safety matters should only be greeted with “thank you” for addressing the issue.

As I grew up in the construction world and safety truly became a cause that received its true attention the early work platforms to address matters were forged in the words “due diligence. This was a platform that addressed safety, but truly on a legal positon. Thankfully today I believe most great companies, and there are a lot out there, want to go past the “due diligence” and create a safe work practice that addresses the legal side but more importantly, squarely confronts the obligation to create work environments to allow all workers to return home safety every day. Firms like League of Champions, Walsh, PCL, Govan Brown, Eastern, Ellis Don, Aecon, Lanterra and many others are setting the example by monitoring safety plans, practices and procedures like never before. They are holding seminars to address the ongoing challenges we all face and are actively asking trades to participate in the process of finding workable solutions.

But the proof is on the sites, so, how are we doing? Better, yes, but I still hear of accidents that should never happen, workers who are injured or worse, that devastate lives of families and colleagues. I hope all of you never have to experience that heartache of a “fatal day”. It is gut wrenching and life altering and those who have, are changed forever. We need to record these events and use the terribly sad experiences to further teach the safety message, to continue to push the construction marketplace beyond due diligence to be the leaders I believe we all can be, to work to the only acceptable incident number and that is ZERO.

Yes, this is a big ask. ZERO is hard. ZERO is an enormous effort. ZERO every day is a challenge. But I believe fully that we can achieve this one day at a time, one effort at a time, one action at a time, if we all act as partners as we are each other’s keeper.

I can say in the past few years I have seen very positive changes, where trades works together to cross pollinate safety efforts. An example is seeing  Walsh Canada invite a competing contractor to a safety meeting on a shared site, to share safety knowledge, principles and actions, to state safety is NOT proprietary, for a new protocol should be shared so all can be protected, not just a select few. I believe we are past the basic obligation of due diligence. We are now in a new world of global responsibility were we must ensure everyone, every day, goes home safely. I truly believe this is achievable if we all continue to work together promoting shared awareness such as the efforts of The League of Champions. It’s time to shed the legal cape and embrace fully the wider responsibility of a true safety beyond due diligence, at least that’s the way I see things.


Stephen Benson (President & CEO)